Listed below are testimonials of endeared clients of MyPotential.

Wilhelm Hermes Steinkipper
Le Mirador Kempinski

Accounts of participants to the MBSR training program (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)

““The seminary I attended on “Mindfulness-based stress reduction” provided me with the practical tools I needed, with the fundamentals that made me finally understand what is at stake. I have always been too dependent on the activity of my mind, getting carried away with my thought and emotions. Now I feel much more free. I am able to take a step back when I feel stressed, realizing that it is my reaction to the situation, and not the situation in itself, which creates a stressful event. By helping me to reconnect with myself, this course has made me much more conscious about my conditions, and taught me to have greater respect for myself. Now I am able to choose between being stressed and having a miserable life or just deciding to breathe and slow down my pace, thus becoming more effective at work and more flexible at home while enjoying life.   –    Christian B.”

“I enrolled in the MBSR course – i.e. Mindfulness-based stress reduction – a few months ago, in order to improve my stress and anxiety management skills. This training has provided me with some useful theoretical insights in order to better understand, on the one side, what is going on in the brain with respect to thoughts and emotions and, on the other side, what happens to the body when reacting to a stessful or difficult situation. Meditation has helped me to focus on the « here and now ». It makes me feel much more calm and less anxious about daily life. In case of a stressful event, it helps me relax and playing down a situation by concentrating on the breathing, by considering perturbation as something temporary and external to my self, while I keep repeating myself that everything is fine. This is thus a valuable help which can improve our quality of life. Isn’t that what we are all seeking after all? – C.W.”

Below are many companies that have benefited from MyPotential’s training materials.
Chevron Phillips Chemical
Coach Leatherwear
COX Communication
Edward Jones Investments
Exxon Chemical
Ford Motor Company
Goodwill Industries
Hallmark Cards
Hewlett Packard
Humana Hospitals
Media One
Merck Pharmaceuticals
Proctor and Gamble
Valero Energy
US Forest Service
US Dept. of Labor
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